How to mix Gilsonite with bitumen؟ Gilsonite application:
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با سلام خدمت شما بازديدكننده گرامي ، خوش آمدید به سایت من . لطفا براي هرچه بهتر شدن مطالب اين وب سایت ، ما را از نظرات و پيشنهادات خود آگاه سازيد و به ما را در بهتر شدن كيفيت مطالب ياري کنید.
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asphalt began leaking out of his furnace.  Samuel Gilson began exploration of the region in 1886 and opened the first Gilsonite mine in 1888.  He was a tireless promoter of Gilsonite as a wonder product, and it has a myriad of uses: A) it is distilled and heat-refined to produce high-octane automotive gasoline, diesel fuels, LPG, raw naphtha, lubricating oils, road oils, and asphalt paving products; B) Saturates roofing and building construction papers (tar paper); C) Base for paints, varnishes, anticorrosive coatings; D) Component of battery boxes; E) Insulating and waterproofing jackets for underground pipes; F) Stabilizer in non-smearing inks; G) Additive for oil-well slurries; H) Binder for wood fibers; I) High-BTU component of explosives; J) Can be heated and calcined to produce metallurgical grade carbon coke, and high-purity carbon electrodes for the nuclear power industry.


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