آراکس بیتومین -آراکس معدن Arax mine-gilsonite
فروش گیلسونایت قیر طبیعی مستقیم از معدن مشارکت اکتشاف و استخراج GILSONITE-NATURAL BITUMEN

Printing Inks ( Gravure, Headset, New sink )
Paints and Stains
Protective Coatings


Viscosity (25°C, 30% solids, Magie 470)
Softening Point (ASTM E28-92)
600 - 1800 cPs
<3% Typical
5% Max. Guaranteed
<1.5% Typical
2% Max. Guaranteed
Ash (ASTM D-271-70 M)
Moisture (AGC Method)
Penetration (25°C, 100 gm, 5 sec.)
Flash Point (COC)
Specific Gravity
Acid No.
Color In Mass
400°C; 700°F

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 Gilsonite Natural Asphalt , Natural Bitumen , Hard Asphalt or Hard Asphaltum is used as a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes. Gilsonite-modified paving mixes achieve higher PG grades and incorporate perfectly into the asphalt blend with no need for high shear milling as is the case with many other modifiers. Gilsonite can partially or totally replace, or complement, the use of SBS polymers in modified asphalts at a fraction of the cost. Gilsonite-modified asphalts have higher stability, reduced deformation, reduced temperature susceptibility and increased resistance to water stripping than non-modified asphalts. Gilsonite is also used to make both solvent-based and emulsion pavement sealers with superior appearance and weathering properties.
Gilsonite in Oil & Gas

Gilsonite is used in drilling mud fluids and oil well cementing. Gilsonite, in a range of softening points and particle sizes, is a standard ingredient in oil-based drilling muds used in shales and other difficult geological formations. The addition of specially-treated Gilsonite to water-based drilling fluids helps minimize hole washout by stabilizing troublesome shales, and seals off highly permeable sands while reducing torque and drag.  The addition of Gilsonite to oil well cements reduces slurry weight without loss of compressive strength and acts as an effective bridging and plugging

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قیرهای طبیعی (Asphalts or Natural Bitumens Native) دسته ای از مواد قیری هستند که به طور طبیعی ایجاد شده . تحت تاثیر عوامل جوی و گذشت زمان به شکل قیرهای طبیعی درآمده اند و بدون نیاز به روش های تقطیر قابل استفاده می باشند. این قیرها از لحاظ ترکیب و خواص بسیار متنوع می باشند.
قير طبيعي از نفت خام منشاء مي گيرد که در نتيجه عمل تبخير خود بخود آرام اجزاي سبک تر و متوسط و پليمر يزاسيون و اکسيد شدن آن به دست مي آيد. قير هاي طبيعي را مي توان با جوشاندن در ديگ ها يا حل کردن در حلال هاي آلي استخراج کرد. اين نوع قير به تنهايي در طبيعت يافت نمي شود بلكه همواره به صورت مخلوط با مواد معدني مختلف به نامwww.bitumen.loxblog.com

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Gilsonite as FLC in drilling applications
Gilsonite is mined in underground shafts and resembles shiny, black substance similar in appearance as the mineral Obsidian It is brittle and usually micronized into dark brown powder. It is mainly composed of asphaltenes; thus, Gilsonite Is classified as a Natural Asphalt and also known as uintaite or uintahite. Discovered in the 1860s, it was first marketed as a lacquer, electrical insulator, and waterproofing compound. This unique mineral is used in more than 160 products, primarily in dark-colored printing inks and paints, oil well drilling muds and cements, asphalt modifiers, foundry sand additives, and a wide variety of chemical products.
Asphaltenes are molecular substances that are found in crude oil, along with resins, aromatic hydrocarbons, and alkanes (i.e., saturated hydrocarbons). The word "asphaltene" was coined by Boussingault in 1837 when he noticed that the distillation residue of some bitumen had asphalt-like properties. Asphaltenes in the form of distillation products from oil refineries are used as "tar-mats" on roads.

Asphaltenes consist primarily of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, as well as trace amounts of vanadium and nickel. The C:H ratio is approximately 1:1.2, depending on the asphaltene source. Asphaltenes are defined operationally as the n-heptane (C7H16)-insoluble, toluene (C6H5CH3)-soluble component of a carbonaceous material such as crude oil, bitumen or coal. Asphaltenes have been shown to have a distribution of molecular masses in the range of 400 u to 1500 u with a maximum around 750 u.

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گلسونایت يک هيدروکربن طبيعى است که از لحاظ فيزيکى شبيه زغال سنگ (از خانواده سوخت هاى فسيلى ) و قير (از خانواده محصولات نفتى) است. گيلسونيت در صنايع رنگ، رزين، آسفالت و روسازى راه، ريخته گرى، حفارى و شيميايى به عنوان ماده ى معدنى بى نظير از لحاظ خواص فيزيکى و شيميايى مطرح مى گردد. یکی از پارامتر های اساسی این ماده که در تعیین نوع کاربرد آن نقش دارد، میزان خاکستر این ماده است. در مقاله حاضر ضمن بررسى و مطالعات ميکروسکوپى نمونه و مشخص کردن فازهاى کانى شناسى و ناخالصيهاى مربوطه، به منظور فرآورى اين ماده جهت کاهش ناخالصيها، آزمايشات ثقلى اعم از محلول سنگين، جيگ، ميز و مارپيچ همفرى در شرايط مختلف بر روى نمونه انجام شد که در نهايت کيفيت محصولات فرآورى شده مورد تجزيه وتحليل قرار گرفت. بر اساس آزمايشات انجام شده کمترين ميزان خاکستر محصول توليد شده در آزمايشات ميز، با 17/6 درصد خاکستر و بازيابى 61 درصد و

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A variety of sophisticated analytical tests have been run on Gilsonite to characterize its unique properties. For reference, the test methods include vacuum thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR), vapor pressure osometry (VPO), high performance liquid


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فروش گیلسونایت 09181348149 زرگوش

Gilsonite / Natural Asphalt / Natural Bitumen

Price: Depond on Quality, Quantity, Delivery Place and Packing
Payment Method: Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), L/C
Pack. & Delivery: Nylon Bags (Other packing on buyer request)
Origin: Iran
Specification: We are mine owner and one of the main suppliers and exporters of Gilsonite ( Natural Bitumen / Natural Asphalt) in Iran that is only place has best quality Gilsonite in the world.
Our Products is exporting to India now and in the past exported to Vietnam, China and Korea.
Gilsonite is mineral Bitumen and its quality is like Petroleum Bitumen and there is no difference between them. Only Gilsonite is in Lump mode but Petroleum Bitumen is refinery product from Oil that is in Drum and therefore Gilsonite price is very lower than Petroleum Bitumen approximately lower than half of Bitumen price.
Gilsonite can mix with petroleum bitumen like bitumen 60/ 70 with additives of Mazut ( low quality fuel oil) , or SBS ( styrene butadiene styrene copolymer) for using in Asphalt Industries, Bitumen factories and Waterproof roofing factories.
Water proof roofing factories normally mixing Gilsonite with SBS ( styrene butadiene styrene copolymer) and then using it in place of Bitumen or oxidized bitumen.
When Asphalt companies using Gilsonite their Asphalt will not broke in cold weathers and hot weather it will not melt Very soon.
Gilsonite has different usage in industry as:
1.Gilsonite for road construction and asphalt
2.Gilsonite for roof insulation and isolation
3.Gilsonite for oil drilling as drilling mud
4.Gilsonite for Ink, Paint and Coat
5.Gilsonite is combined with coal to produce coke that has usage in different industries such as foundry sands, glass industry, …
As we said we are one of the main suppliers of Gilsonite in Iran and we can offer very lower price to you than other Gilsonite Companies.

Our Gilsonite Analysis:

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Gilsonite is a natural, resinous hydrocarbon. This natural asphalt is similar to hard petroleum asphalt and is often called a natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. . Mobile:0098-9181348149 zargoush

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Iran Gilsonite, in comparison to the majority of the world’s Natural Bitumen suppliers, is a safe, friendly, reliable, experienced and affordable source for Natural Asphalt from Iran. In fact, through our independent assessments, when comparing Iran Gilsonite to the limited countries supplying Natural Bitumen, Iran’s Gilsonite, is many folds less in cost. Iran origin Gilsonite, was considered for export via Iran over a decade ago, and we have witnessed and participated in its formation into a fruitful exportable commodity from Iran via Bandar Abbas port to China’s and India’ market since its beginnings. Some Natural Bitumen importers regard Iran origin Gilsonite as Asia Gilsonite; The vigorous hard work of a select few in Iran to generate International recognition for this commodity has shaped a gracious foundation and commendable representation of this commodity into the world market. Today, the export of these goods via reliable Gilsonite Exporters gives us great pride, as it has accelerated the growth of the local economy in the immediacy of where Iran Gilsonite is regularly mined. Iran Gilsonite, in Association with its own Forwarding Shipping Company within its Holding, which is consequently affiliated with the most reputable shipping lines in the world, handles every aspect of exporting these goods via Iran’s Bandar Abbas port.

We welcome your questions, concerns and inquiries.

در بسياري از نقاط زاگرس - مانند بهبهان،گور سفيد، سرپل ذهاب و مسجد سليمان - علايم و آثاري از مواد هيدروکربوري به چشم مي خورد . در واقع وجود همين آثار بود که منابع عظيم نفت و گاز را در کشورمان به اثبات رسانيد . بنابراين، اولين کاربرد اين آثار در اکتشاف مخازن نفتي است . در سالهاي اخير ، شواهد ژئوشيميايي به دست آمده نشان داده است که بعضي از عناصر فلزي کمياب ، مثل واناديم و نيکل و موليبدن ، بر اثر پالايش طبيعي در اين مواد تغليظ و متمرکز مي شود . علاوه بر اين ، در توالي چينه شناسي زاگرس سازندهاي شيلي کژدمي و گرو ( به سن کرتاسه ) معرفي شده اند که سنگ منشا اکثر نفتهاي کشف شده به شمار مي روند . بالا بودن مقدار عناصر کمياب در بعضي نفتهاي زاگرس گواه وجود اين عناصر در سنگ مادر آنها ، يعني شيلهاي بيومين دار کژدمي و گرو است . با توجه به کمبود منابع حاوي عناصر کمياب ضروري است قيرهاي طبيعي و شيلهاي بيتومين دار به دقت کاوش شودgilsonite.bitumen

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